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About Andrea

My interest in design began while I was working towards my degree in photography at San Jose State University. I started making garments to feature in my photographs. One year I decided to enter into the schools Trashion Fashion show. I made a dress out of old photo paper and photo supplies, painstakingly hand sewn with dental floss. I got second place. The next year I made a dress out of lotto tickets and receipts dyed with beet juice. I got second place again. The NEXT year I made a dress out of metal film cannisters that I cut open and riveted together... and got second place for the third time. That's when I decided it was time to actually learn how to construct garments properly. 


My Trashion Fashion show days are over, but my commitment to detail has remained. Now, as a designer I am passionate about fit and small details that make a big impact. I love creating fun garments that make my customers feel strong and confident. 

I find delight in working through the puzzle that is patternmaking and figuring out how to construct unique pieces.

For those interested in my photography: Andrea Henneman Photography

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