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in Shade

Shimmer in Shade was born from my passion for fit, and my love for the playfulness of lingerie. I was inspired by the confidence of burlesque dancers of the past and today, and the shapes found in their garments. On the other side of the spectrum, I have always appreciated the dedication and time that goes in to creating a quality custom suit.  I wanted to try my hand at creating power suits for feminine people. By combining burlesque details with custom tailoring techniques, this collection was created to help my customer Shimmer even in the Shade. 

Medusa Dress

The Medusa dress was inspired by images I found of burleque dancers in the 50's. Draped only in beads that flowed across their bodies, these dancers took command of the stage. I wanted to create the same shapes with design lines on a contour dress. The dress was custom fit to my model, with shoulder pads to create a strong silhouette.

Contour Dress

Shimmer Suit

The colors and silhouette of the shimmer suit were inspired by jellyfish floating through the deep ocean. 

Flowy wide legged trousers are balanced with a structured mock- corset at the waist. Lacing at the back of the sleeve offers interest at the back, so they can enjoy the view as you power on ahead.

The Serina Bra offers beauty as well as support. It was custom fit to my model with a foam cup and embroidered lace accents.


Shade Suit

Mid-thigh cutouts with garter clip detailing, pin-tucks at the center front and back add interest to an every-day flared trouser. This suit is my definition of a feminine power suit.

Made from a stretch wool suiting in deep teal.

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